The third element of Earth relates to the ground, dirt, soil, rocks, and metals. It is ruled over by the Goddess Brecha, third born to Orran’sulani and Nydoini. Brecha has control over the Rock Kingdom of Enos and the Earth elemental spirit Gnome. Her race is the Brech’mar, a stout race that often lives underground and within mountains, or work the land outside of their underground cities. Subterranean dwelling dragons known as Wyrms also fall under the Earth element, descending from Brecha’s dragon Urobolus.

Those associated with the Earth element share common traits of steadfastness, stubbornness, practicality, honesty, cautiousness, pragmatism, reliability, and sensibility. Earth elementals are grounded and focus on what’s tangible and achievable. They make reliable friends and allies, but they can also be overly rigid, materialistic, and stubborn. Earthen brown and stone grey, as well as metallic colors, are often associated with the Earth element.