The Brech'mar keep to themselves for the most part, the vast majority of their population remaining in their subterranean cities in the mountains or nearby in the mountain valleys on surface farms. They value tradition and are typically monogamous so flings are rare and most interracial offspring are the result of committed relationships.

They have frequent interactions with the Zaedyn, who live in aeries at the tops of many of the same mountain regions the Brech'mar inhabit. Both races have vastly different standards of beauty and their natures are not entirely compatible for cohabitation, but there have been Zaedyn-Brech'mar marriages. The Ochae'nafod and Dra'nafod are also common neighbors of the Brech'mar who have, on occasion, intermarried. Idayn and some of their offshoot races are also neighbors and allies to Brech'mar. Iengi and kuzo can be found in mountain wilderness, though they are often at odds with the Brech'mar. Some Iengi and Brech'mar have built relationships to support each other, but the feral nature of many Iengi make them more likely to be a threat than an ally.

Humans are actually one of the most common partners for Brech'mar. Though they differ in height, they actually share some of the same standards of beauty and cultural similarities. Brech'mar who have established trade or diplomatic ties, or the occasional adventurer are more likely to find a human partner.

Physical Appearance

The height and broad build of the Brech'mar carry on into their mixed-race offspring. If the other parent is of a taller (or shorter) race, the child would fall somewhere in between both parents' height. They may also be inclined toward being broader, more muscular, or plumper than their non-Brech'mar parent's race--as well as potentially hairier.

When born between a Brech'mar parent and another elemental race, their ears will be shorter than the other elemental races, but not as short as a human hybrid's ears. When crossed with a human, the ears will maintain a more subtle point than a Brech'mar's ears.


The Brech'mar have an average lifespan of around three hundred years, maturing at the same rate as humans until the age of twenty-five, at which point their aging processes are suspended and do not continue until their mid-two hundreds. As one of the shorter-lived elemental races, this will lead to a reduction of lifespan that is somewhere between half to a quarter of their non-Brech'mar parent's potential lifespan.

With humans, their potential lifespan is between 150-200 years, with a suspended aging process until about age 85-100.

Magical Abilities

If born to a Brech'mar mother, the hybrid will inherit her Earth Elementalism as they will be incarnated with a Gnome soul. Their talent may be reduced when crossed with a human, or with a parent of an opposing element, such as Air or Light. If fathered by a Brech'mar, the hybrid will not inherit Earth Elementalism.