The petite kiar race tends toward isolationism and interracial reproduction is rare amongst them for several reasons. They are a strongly monogamous race that often marries in early adulthood. Kiar are also one of the shortest-lived races, living a mere thirty years. Kiar may find this age gap intimidating, even with a human partner. Secondly, there is their size. Humans and other races would be further intimidating to a kiar due to their height, whereas larger races may find a kiar’s size too close to a young child to be appealing, coupled with the fact that their prime marriageable ages are under ten years of age. A female Kiar bearing the child of a larger race could also face complications during delivery that could threaten her life.

Kiar might find a little more comfort for the issue of size amongst Brech’mar or smaller Ochae’nafod. Though, in the rare cases of kiar hybrids, humans are the most common choice of partner as kiar settlements are often closest to human populations. Still, it is quite rare for a Kiar to seek a relationship outside their people.

Kuzo are a second most common hybrid, but these encounters are rarely consensual. Unfortunately, kiar settlements are often surrounded by wilderness and are occasional victims of kuzo raids. As the kuzo were derived from the kiar and share some similar traits, their aging process remains the same for both races, but the offspring would be more intelligent than the kuzo, potentially on par with full-blooded kiar. However, they would inherit some physical traits of the kuzo.

Physical Appearance

The most unique physical trait amongst the kiar is their diminutive size and proportional build. For most hybrids, they are significantly taller than their kiar peers, yet shorter than their other parent's race. The proportionality remains intact, however.

Like humans, Kiar have small, round ears. When crossed with a member of the elemental races, the resulting offspring would have shortened tapered ears.

Magical Abilities

The kiar are a highly practical race that typically shun magic, though they have the same potential as humans. Hybrids may be more drawn to learning magic, especially if it is a part of their other parent's culture.

The kiar are known to be fast learners, both from written sources and practical applications. This intellectual capacity is often inherited in hybrid offspring, though it may be stunted to a degree, especially in kuzo hybrids.


The brief thirty-year lifespan of the kiar is matched only by their corrupted cousins, the kuzo. A kiar's rate of growth and aging is 33% faster than a human's and the offspring of a human-kiar or kiar and elemental race match will have a maturation rate that is slowed to 15% the rate of the other parent race. This means that the half-kiar offspring would mature faster than their non-kiar parent's race, but slower than a full-blooded kiar. By the age of fifteen, a half-kiar would be fully mature, equal to a twenty-five year old. In matches with the elemental races, aging is suspended at this point and will not continue until the final decades of the individual's life.

Kiar-human hybrids have a lifespan of around 60 years, double that of a full blooded Kiar, but they age much faster than a human and may succumb to age-related illnesses in their late thirties to forties. Hybrids with the elemental races have ¼ the potential lifespan of their elemental race parent. For example, a half-kiar, half-Ochae'nafod would have a potential lifespan of around 250 years from the thousand year potential of the Nafod.

Kuzo-kiar hybrids have the same lifespan and maturation rate.