Ideil Mountains

The Ideil (i:dəɪl) Mountains are a large mountain range in northeast Thiskel. They are surrounded by the Itray and Eldir forests.


This region of Thiskel is inhabited almost entirely by populations of the elemental races as the strict borders of the Idayn have kept humans from encroaching on the mountains. The Ideil range is the origin point for Zaedyn and Brech'mar populations, while the Eldir and Itray are home to the Idayn, Eain'Idayn, and many tribes of Ochae'nafod and Dra'nafod.

Some small groups of human nomads, kuzo, and the occasional Iengi have managed to establish in this region. Kuzo are generally eradicated when discovered, but human groups and Iengi can be allowed to remain if they respect their neighbors and the local environment.