Kosony (koʊ.soʊ.ni:) is a large human nation on the eastern side of the northern half of the continent. It is situated on the south banks of the inland Green Sea and north of the Ardir and the Ertian Plateau. The Kosony River cuts through the heart of the nation, sourced in the south from the plateau and flowing northward to empty into the Green Sea.


Kosony is one of the largest nations on Kalesten, rivaled only by the nation of Shyon in Ertia or the Kalestein Empire. The southern border of Kosony is with the Ardir Forest and is marked by a swath of deforestation that ranges between ten and thirty miles wide. This small buffer is shrinking with each generation as the forest regrows. The northern border is shared with the nation of Samonight and marked by the Vies River that is fed by the Green Sea and flows east into the ocean. The western border was formerly marked by the Siol River and bordered with Cheuz, but after their neighbor fell to Kalestein, the Empire gained roughly two hundred miles east of the Siol. Much of this land is swamp, which thwarted continued expansion for a time and allowed Kosony to hold this line.

As Kosony sits on an isthmus between the rest of Kalesten and Ertia, both west and east coasts border ocean, as well as the central northern border along the Green Sea. The three major cities of Kosony sit on each of these coasts. The capital, Ady, is situated on the coast of the Green Sea near the mouth of the Kosony River. Lertur holds the west coast, while Anche sits on the eastern coast.

Modern Kosony is mostly open prairie and farmland, but forests once covered much of the eastern side of the nation. For generations, Kosony logged this region and converted the forest to farmland. This deforestation led to them eventually moving logging operations to the Ardir which incurred the wrath of the Fayl’Idayn. In the last five hundred years, small woods have been reestablished throughout the nation, but not to the extent of the dense forests that used to stand. The northwest corner of Kosony has historically been swamp and grassland. Lertur made efforts to convert the swamp to arable land, but this was widely abandoned when land was freed up from the deforestation in the east.

Much of Kosony rises above sea level, aside from the northwestern corner. The east coast is home to sheer cliffs and slopes downward to the north. Much of the land through the eastern half of Kosony is flat or low hills, gently sloping toward higher altitudes as one travels south.