Maris (mɑ’rɪs) is the second born of Orran’sulani and Nydoini, aligned with the element of Water. Her dominion was granted over all aspects of Water, including the Undine spirit and the plane of Water, the Deep Ocean of Welis. Bound to her is the sea serpent Asimeth. She is responsible for the Mariel race, but also shares responsibility for the Marfod, a Nafod sub-race originally created by her sister Entra. Nereid and Naiad Nymphs came to call Welis their home.

Maris has a very intimate relationship with her brother Zelan, considering the fact that they were the first two children and their elements are so akin to each other. Zelan and Maris once shared responsibility for maintaining the weather systems, due to the fact that Sylph and Undine are the two essential elementals involved in weather patterns. When Zelan sought to bring four new goddesses into the world to rule over the seasons, Maris was the first he chose to bring forth a new god, followed by Entra and Brecha, who would bear him twins.

Like a water elemental, Maris generally has a calm and peaceful demeanor, but when provoked her rage is feared even more than Ispa’s. During the War, she dealt the major defeating blow to Ispa, which tore a great chasm across northern Thiskel, now known as Maris' Chasm, and created a new mountain range at its end known as Ispa's Sepulcher.


Maris has long, wavy blue hair, deep green eyes, and golden tanned skin. Her ears are shorter than Orran’sulani’s, but still long and tapered. On her back are four wings that shift through shades of blue dependent on her emotional state—at peace, her wings are a placid, soothing shade of blue like a pleasant tropical ocean, but when enraged, her wings take on the deep, dark blue of a stormy sea.


Maris and Zelan first brought forth Fria, the Goddess of Winter, followed by Draia, who would inherit their position of masters over Aserra’s weather. Maris also obliged Essan by bearing him one daughter; Kalet, the Muse of History. Maris has granddaughters amongst the muses as well. Tilen, the Muse of Astronomy, was born to her daughter Draia, and Totela, the Muse of Sculpture, was born to her daughter Fria.