Often referred to as simply “the Father”, Orran’sulani (ɔːr’ræn su.lɒniː) was the highest figure in Aserra’s pantheon. Not only did he father the first seven gods, but he is credited with the creation of the universe and Aserra itself, though his wife, Nydoini is given the credit for bringing life to the world. Orran’sulani was the first causality of the War of the Gods, slain and consumed by his youngest daughter Ispa in her grasp for power. She gained his spiritual power and memories. He is not worshiped, as the people of Aserra are aware of his death. His youngest son, and Ispa’s twin, Idraen, took his place as the King of the Gods, but Idraen is not actively worshiped by anyone outside the Idayn race, as it is the third generation gods who oversee humanity.

He had a companion in the dragon Asharisan, who was mated to Umossa, a dragon companion to his wife. Over the course of his life, he fathered Zelan, Maris, Brecha, Alaezo, Entra, Idraen, and Ispa.

Orran’sulani was a tall, lean man who carried himself with a graceful composure suiting his position. He had long platinum blonde hair that flowed to the ground, flawless pale skin, and pale blue eyes. His ears were long and tapered, a trait carried over into the elemental races as their original form was in his image. A handsome man who was quick to smile, he is seen as a peaceful and compassionate figure. Six white wings graced his back. Orran’sulani dressed in long silk robes often in white, pale gold, light blue, and light green.