Pixies are spirits of nature that are much kinder than faeries. Pixies appear slightly larger than faeries, feminine in form, and winged with insect wings. They can be mischievous, but are playful rather than malicious. They enjoy dancing and playing with children, and sometimes even help people. Pixies and faeries often butt heads over their involvement with humans, leading to conflicts in some regions. In the aftermath of these conflicts, some regions are dominated by pixies and others by faeries.

Pixies have the same abilities as their smaller and more agile cousins, the faeries. They are notorious tricksters and even more notorious for leading people astray. Unlike other fae, however, they are relatively harmless. The jokes they play are for their own amusement and they hardly ever hurt anyone in their games.

Their glamers are stronger than the faeries’, though their ability to shape-shift is limited only to insects, their close friends. The do not have a lure for people; their natural curiosity usually lands them near people, rather than the other way around.