Priest of Maris

Among the Mariel, Priests of Maris are focused on the art of Water Elementalism entirely, honing their talent to precision. Though called priests, they do not channel the power of Maris as a human priest would; they are more akin to mages, but they do serve as healers and spiritual leaders amongst the Mariel.

Priests of Maris specialize in complex healing techniques which uses their element to regenerate others, but this can only be used on fellow Mariel. They can also manipulate the waters of the body against enemies. Weapons are unnecessary for this class, but some individuals may carry spears or knives for ornamentation and use them as a focal point to control certain techniques.

Young Mariel consider their career path early into their teenage years, and are expected to make a decision no later than their fifteenth year so that they may began training before the transformation of their twentieth year. Priests endure intense and focused training from thirteen to fifteen years of age until nineteen, at which point they graduate into fully-fledged Priests before their transformation.