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Sai’ras (saɪ.rɑ:s) is the second-born child of Ispa was fathered by Zelan without his consent to become the Goddess of Chaos. She revels in lawlessness and the skewing of perceptions. A temperamental and unpredictable goddess, she is somewhat mad, and likes the same traits in her followers. She has a clan of vampires devoted to her, taken in after Yoma abandoned them, known as the Sairians. They are often afflicted with one form of madness or another, but they are also extremely intelligent and more analytical than other clans.


Sai’ras is near a mirror image of her mother; around the same height with the same slim build, pale skin, black hair, as well as the long tapered ears. Her eyes are unique amongst the gods, however; they have a black sclera, making her eyes look black with only a red ring for the iris. She also has only a single set of black bat-like wings. Sai’ras is often depicted with straight hair grown long enough to sweep the ground and dressed in a short, tattered slip of a gown with bare feet.


Along with her brother Craeseth, Sai’ras was encouraged to continue her mother's endeavor to bear more gods with the Demon Lords. As her mother had already bore children with Arael and Asuderon, Sai’ras took the remaining three male Demon Lords to father her children. Malva, Goddess of Nightmares, was sired by Sabatiel. Sidye, God of Ambitions and Adversity, was sired by Memurael. Sigurga, God of Feasts and Wine, was sired by Nazularuet.