Wave Knights

The Mariel Wave Knights are a heavy combat class of the Mariel which serve as the military and defense forces of each Mariel city-state. Their focus is on direct combat based around whale-bone polearms. The weight of metal makes it too unwieldy for the Mariel to use in underwater combat, so the bones of whales are a favored material for Mariel weapons. Commonly, these are variations on the spear, including the quintessential trident. Underwater combat often involves Wave Knights clashing head on, trying to lance their opponent. Their Water Elementalism is employed to enhance combat by using currents to strike and restrain their foes. For protection, metal is out of the question for armor as well, and even platemail made of bone is too restrictive. Instead, Wave Knights may either wear bone armor of a few well-placed plates to protect vital places, or bonemail, which is made of bone chips strung into the form of a tunic or vest, bracers, or other armor pieces.

Young Mariel consider their career path early into their teenage years, and are expected to make a decision no later than their fifteenth year so that they may began training before the transformation of their twentieth year. Wave Knights endure intense and focused training from thirteen to fifteen years of age until nineteen, at which point they graduate into fully-fledged Wave Knights before their transformation.