Zephaer is the home of the gods, the plane of Light, and the seat of divine power—an equivalent of “Heaven”. Zephaer is a massive mountain of a city, rising up in seven enormous terraced levels out of a sea of clouds. The city is lushly gardened in all manner of vibrant and beautiful flora. Zephaer’s top level is a marble palace that is home to the gods and angels. The second level serves as a “plane of light,” or a home for the light elementals, and afterlife for Idayn souls between incarnations. The second level appears to be a moat of golden light, warm and inviting.

The third through seventh levels are places of rest for the souls of humans and other races as they await reincarnation. Souls closest to reincarnation are at the third level, while the newest arrivals inhabit the seventh. Nearly all souls must first pass through Malbolge for Karmic balance before they can proceed to Zephaer to be prepared for reincarnation.