What is now a small continent in the southern hemisphere was once a part of a larger continent that was sunk tens of thousands of years ago through the concerted efforts of the Elemental Gods during the War of the Gods.

The former great continent of Ageond was the homeland of the Danaij and many other races, but when Ispa incited a war amongst the gods, the Danaij and their minions conquered, slaughtered, and drove out the races who did not share their religion before moving to conquer Thiskel. As a last ditch effort to destroy the armies of darkness, the elemental gods razed and sank Ageond while their brother, Idraen, defeated Ispa.

Forsaken Land

However, the entire continent wasn’t destroyed. Though most of it lays beneath the ocean, the small southern tip of the continent was spared, and there are many islands scattered throughout the new ocean that are all that remain of mountain ranges. The remnant, now known as the Forsaken Land, is an island-continent slightly larger than Australia, and through the power of the dark gods, it is a land shrouded in dark clouds.

Danaij, Danaij’vai, humans, vampires, and Asath that managed to survive the war rebuilt their nations that had been wholly devastated and began their societies anew. The land is broken up into several nations divided by race, but they all share the same religion of darkness.