Faeries are one of the most common fae and appear as small green females. Though they are wingless, they can fly. Like most fae, faeries are shape-shifters, though they rarely use it, instead relying on glamers to trick people, then disappearing as quickly as possible. They are known as mischievous tricksters, and are even malicious in their tricks. When interacting with humans, faeries are not to be trusted though they will not lie outright. Instead, they carefully word their statements to entrap humans.

They are usually not fond of humans due to their destructive tendencies, but some humans and other races have gained the trust of local faeries through mutual respect, offerings of gifts, and open channels of communication. Faeries enjoy singing and dancing, and if they are taught something new the teacher may be given a reward.

Faeries are known to lure victims (especially men, as they have no male members of their race) to a raucous party full of dancing, wine, and beautiful women, and when the dance is over, the man will emerge to find that days, months, or even years have passed. Men taken in by faeries often become unwitting fathers of their young, who may be switched with human babies and are known as changelings. Faeries often construct rings of mushrooms, flowers, and other plants in which they dance, and many humans are superstitious of these rings for good reason; stepping into or disturbing faerie rings risk incurring the wrath of vindictive faeries. They also travel along well-worn paths that, while are safe to cross, are unwise to build upon.

When Entra accepted the Fayl’Idayn as one of her peoples, she chose to incarnate them with the souls of faeries.