Fangessa (fæn'gjes'sɑ:) is a feral god who was allowed to call Aserra home. She has little involvement in Aserra's pantheon and remains an outsider, but she keeps the company of dragons and has taken responsibility for the reclusive Samiss that inhabit the southern jungles of Kalesten and Thiskel.


Fangessa is a mix of humanoid and reptilian in appearance. Her torso and head are mostly human-like and she stands upright on two legs. Her face has a small, flat nose; high cheekbones; narrow, angular eyes; and a small mouth with thin lips and a slightly recessed chin. She has no visible external ears. Long, straight black hair falls down her back and is presented in elaborate styles with locks twisted into narrow strands and arranged like a crown above her head with numerous hairpieces to support it. Her skin is tan with a slight green cast.

Her torso resembles that of a slender woman with small breasts and wide hips. A thin, prehensile tail emerges from her lower back and is covered in green scales. Fangessa's legs begin to appear as human around the upper thighs, but then become green-scaleddigitigrade reptilian legs that have taloned feet that stand on three thick toes in front and one narrower talon in the back. Similarly, her arms become reptilian from just above the elbow down, ending in hands that are five-fingered, with a thumb, like humans, but scaled in green and with sharp claws.

She has two large draconic wings at mid-back with two smaller wings on her lower back.