An ancient silver dragon of the first generation of mortal dragons hatched on Aserra. Kaius inhabits the southern end of the mountain range at the top of Kalesten that bears his name. As an elder of the mortal dragons, he is wise and powerful.

Worship of Kaius unites the northern tribes of Kalesten who claim a loosely confederated land of coastal boreal forest and steppe, known as the Kaians. Kaian history relates that the steppes were once forest as well, but were razed by Kaius’ brother Shurra. Kaius and Shurra had different opinions on the humans that survived in this region, which led to a battle between the two dragons. Kaius slew Shurra, whose corpse is believed to have sank beneath the sea just off the northwest coast of the Lands of Kaius. After defeating Shurra, Kaius became the dominant dragon in the region, and gained the respect of the people.

For the last few thousand years, Kaius has been largely inactive, waking only once every seven years. He is attended by dragon priests who are able to communicate with him, were he to be needed by the Kaians, his priests would awaken him. During his hibernation, he spends his time traversing the higher planes and meditating, so while he may sleep in the world, he is not unaware or unprepared. Every seventh year, when he awakens, many Kaians make a pilgrimage to Oni'kel to give him offerings and ask his counsel, which is translated by his priests.