Kalestan is the term for those of the Kalesten continent, and also refers to the the native human ethnicity. Indigenous Kalestans are largely tan to brown-skinned with straight black hair and brown eyes. However, migration patterns from Ageond and Thiskel have led to a broader variety of traits among modern Kalestans.

Northeast Kalesten

The northeastern region of Kalesten (north of the Green Sea) was largely unpopulated by humans due to the presence of aggressive dragons, but was settled by migrants from North Ageond, then known as Sæmdheimdans, before the War of the Gods. Sæmdheimdans first came as explorers, but as tensions arose on their home continent, they fled to the new colonies. They allied themselves with the dragon Kaius against his aggressive brother Shurra, who had long made the lands dangerous to inhabit. Shurra was killed and the Sæmdheimdan migrants became the people of Kaius.

Sæmdheimdans also ventured further south into Kalesten where they established new settlements and integrated into existing societies. Their predominantly fair features melded into the darker traits of the native population. Now, most Kalestans with light colored eyes or hair can attribute that to Sæmdheimdan ancestry.