Riath Sea

The Riath Sea is a relatively narrow ocean that lies between Thiskel and Kalesten. Due to the proximity of the two northern halves of the continents, the exchange of culture and goods by sea has been extremely active for thousands of years. The closest point between the continents is the peninsula of Siakal in South Thiskel to the central isthmus of Kalesten, but due to the geographic isolation of Siakal and the nations that have existed there, exchange has been limited.

The Riath opens up in the southern hemisphere, and the South Riath could be considered a separate ocean. However, this was the same ocean the ancient Samiss traversed to colonize the jungles of South Thiskel.


The Mariel and Marfod of the region primarily inhabit the South Riath Sea and live mostly undisturbed as most sea travel passes through the northern half of the ocean.