First born of the second generation, Zelan (zɛ’lɑn) is aligned with the element of Air. His dominion was granted over the aspects of the Air element, including the spirit Sylph, and the plane of Air, the Whispering Heavens of D’neiw. Bound to him is the dragon Vorkas, aligned with the Air element as well. The Zaedyn race was created by him.

Despite being first born, Zelan is content with his place in the world. He is free-spirited, typical of air elementals, and a goodhearted god. Zelan is a collector of knowledge and a lover before a fighter. He did participate in the war against Ispa, however, as he was greatly affronted by her trickery in impregnating herself with his child.

Zelan has his father’s pale, straight hair—though it is of a silvery-blue hue—and blue eyes. His skin is bronzed, and he has the long, tapered ears of his father. Four silvery-white wings are upon his back.

sisters Maris, Entra, and Brecha to bear him four daughters, the Goddesses of the Seasons. Maris bore him Fria, the Goddess of Winter; Entra bore him Areria, the Goddess of Spring; and Brecha bore him twin daughters, Glaeria and Oleiria, Goddesses of Summer and Autumn, respectively. In this endeavor, his sister Ispa was snubbed, though she felt she should be the one to bear the Goddess of Winter. Zelan was reluctant to involve her, and when Brecha proved to be pregnant with twins, he saw no need to include Ispa. Later, Ispa would steal his seed and impregnate herself with Sai’ras, the Goddess of Chaos.

Zelan has a close relationship with his sister Maris, due to the complacent natures of their elements, and for the fact that they are the two oldest. Aside from Fria, they also had Draia, the Goddess of Weather, together. Management of the weather was formerly an aspect overseen by Zelan and Maris together, due to their command of the two dominant weather spirits, but this duty was later passed to Draia. Zelan’s other favored consort amongst his sisters is Entra, whose sweet disposition is agreeable to Air. Aside from Areria, they also had Essan, the God of Knowledge, who is Zelan’s only son.

Zelan also has several grandchildren including all the Muses whom were fathered by Essan, but doubly Tilen, the Muse of Astronomy, whom his daughter Draia bore; Rilyn, the Muse of Comedy bore by Areria; Totela, the Muse of Sculpture bore by Fria; and Mixika, the Muse of Dance bore by Oleiria. Sai’ras gave him a grandson, Juxus, the God of Mischief and Lies, who is a neutral god.