Angels live in Zephaer, occasionally influencing the lives of mortals of all races. Firstly, the angels serve the Divine King, Idraen. In Zephaer, they make up the majority of the population, they handle the reincarnation queue, the weighing of souls, and serve as a council to support Idraen’s decisions for both divine and mortal matters.

They appear human, but are graced with a sing pair of white plumed wings. Angels are genderless and sterile, created initially by Orran’sulani, and with Idraen creating the rest. Some ascended beings and demi-gods may find themselves falling into the ranks of angels as well, though their appearances vary and they do not necessarily have to conform to one of the seven virtues.

Angels are grouped into seven factions defined by seven virtues to oppose seven sins; Kindness, Patience, Diligence, Humility, Chastity, Temperance, and Charity.

  • Kindness/Humanitas – Angels of Kindness appear androgynous and childlike, looking to be around ten to twelve years old. Their faces have a gentle beauty, conveying their virtue. They are led by the Archangel Eliel.
  • Patience/Patientia –Angels of Patience are androgynous, but lean more to the masculine, appearing to be around fifty or sixty years old. They are lean and 8have a guru-like peace about them. They are led by the Archangel Oseliel.

Diligence/Industria –Angels of Diligence are more masculine in appearance, looking more like strong, handsome men around their early twenties. They have a presence that speaks of duty, lawfulness, and persistence to a cause. They are led by the Archangel Hiphael.

  • Humility/Humilitas – Angels of Humility are androgynous, but plainly so. They appear unremarkable and average and are at peace with it. They are led by the Archangel Runael.
  • Chastity/Castitas – Angels of Chastity appear as beautiful young women around the age of sixteen to nineteen. For all their beauty, they are focused on purity. They are led by the Archangel Nenael.
  • Temperance/Temperantia – Angels of Temperance appear as strong female figures, confident and assured. They are taller than the average woman with a simple, strong beauty bordering on handsome. They are led by the Archangel Nanliel.
  • Charity/Caritas – Angels of Charity appear as strictly female with an ample, motherly figure. They appear to be in their late thirties or forties and remind one of a loving, generous mother. They are led by the Archangel Nipael.

Fallen Angels

As a punishment for the most serious of crimes, some angels (and even gods can be subject to this punishment) are executed in Zephaer, the power of their soul sealed, and reincarnated as humans, where they suffer under the weight of the Karmic debt life after life until it is repaid. Fallen angels are reincarnated quickly after their mortal deaths and avoid the thousand year cycle. They may sprout ethereal wings in their human incarnations and have a higher than average capacity for spiritual power. However, to return to their place in Zephaer, they must atone for their sins and can only be ascended by choice of Idraen.