Situated at the top of the world, Athok is a frozen wasteland, covered in ice sheets for the most part. The north pole of Aserra lays just a few miles off the northern shore of Athok, though it is constantly covered in ice. Most of the continent sits above the arctic circle, aside from a few hundred miles of the southernmost peninsula.


Athok is located to the northeast of Thiskel and northwest of Kalesten, and could be easily reached in a short sea voyage in the summer. However, the arctic ice sheets extend over the entirety of the continent and its surrounding seas (even so far as the northernmost reaches of Thiskel and Kalesten) in the winter. In especially cold winters, it is possible to cross the ice from the Kaius Mountains in Kalesten to Athok. In the summer, the ice retreats inland to Athok, exposing bare shore and tundra in the peninsula.

Mountain Ranges

Athok has two mountain ranges. On the east coast are the Undryn Mountains, and on the west, the shorter range of Adril Mountains. Much of central Athok is covered by a massive glacier. When the summer brings thaws, glacial water follow into exposed riverbeds on the peninsular tundra.


The Aeul’Idayn are the only race to make a home on this continent, and their survival without migration can be mainly attributed to their gifts granted from Fria, the Goddess of Winter. They have several villages scattered along the southern peninsula’s coasts, but the majority of their population lives in a glorious city of ice at the edge of the glacier, high in the southern reaches of the Undryn Mountains.


The Aeul’Idayn city, Druill, is a fortress shaped from ice, both sturdy and artistic in its design. Druill has been built upon for thousands of years, spreading and towering higher and higher over the original foundation laid down by the Aeul’Idayn after their pact with Fria.