Aserra is a moderately sized planet in a single-star system called Sulan. Aserra is the second planet in the system, following Verar, at approximately 154,497,600 kilometers (96 million miles) from the Sulan star. It is the only star in the system to harbor significant life, though Seret, the third planet in the system, has a proto-biosphere. Beyond Seret, there is the planet Nysen followed by the gas giants Enroth, Denbana, and Ler'gar.

Physical Characteristics

Aserra presently has two major continents, Thiskel and Kalesten. Athok, a smaller fourth continent occupies the northern polar region, along with the north ice cap. The south pole has a few seamount islands but is mostly ice.

A third continent, Ageond, was destroyed in the War of the Gods approximately 13,000 years ago. What remains is the southern tip of the continent that is colloquially known as the Forsaken Land and the Remnant to inhabitants. The rest of Ageond sank into the ocean, though small island chains remain north of the Forsaken Land.

Aserra's largest ocean is the Tonult, which formerly laid in between Kalesten and Ageond, but with the sinking of Ageond, it merged with the narrow sea between Ageond and Thiskel as well as claiming the sunken land. At what used to be the northern tip of Ageond is a dangerous region known as the Ageond Quadrangle, which formed from the destruction of a ley point in the north of Ageond. The unstable energy has caused strange phenomena that lead to sailors and Mariel avoiding the region.

Other oceanic regions in Aserra are dwarfed in comparison to the Tonult. Around Athok and dipping into the space between northern Thiskel and Kalesten is the Sea of Lertura. The southern sea is known as Sea of Kaltur and is rarely sailed due to the presence of icebergs breaking off the unconstrained southern ice cap. Between the southern portions of Thiskel and Kalesten is the Riath Sea.