Green Sea

The Green Sea is an inland freshwater sea in North Kalesten. It is surrounded by the Kalestein Empire (formerly Chegar) on the west, Kosony in the south and southeast, Samonight in the northeast, and the Lands of Kaius in the northwest. The Green Sea was named for the blue-green color the water often displays and the wealth of edible aquatic vegetation the sea provides.

The sea facilitates most trade in the immediate region and the capitals of the three southern states are on its coasts. The river Lyteus feeds into the sea from the north, carrying water from the Kaian Mountains and the Kosony River from the south carries water from the Ertian Plateau. The Siol River and the swamps to the southwest drain from the sea into the Kalesten Gulf, while the Vies River drains from the sea to the Esrany Sea to the east.