Niariss and Uvesa

Two Idayn sisters, both of whom were born Oracles, they were ascended by the will of Idraen to maintain the Fate of Aserra. They were born, lived, and ascended before the War of the Gods. Pleased by their dedication, Idraen chose to ascend them at his mother’s bidding so that they could take over control of Fate, an aspect of life which Nydoini controlled and wished to relinquish mastery of. Ever since, these two have woven the threads of Fate for mortals across Aserra, and provided mortal Oracles with their guidance.


Niariss and Uvesa appear quite similar and uniform to Idayn features. They are both beautiful and slim, with long platinum blond hair, fair skin, blue eyes, and long, tapered ears. Both have white plumed wings. Representations of the Fates in Oracular sites present the two as mirroring each other, but Niariss is identified by having her hair in a long braid pulled over her shoulder, while Uvesa has bangs and unbound hair.