The Mother of Aserra, Nydoini (naɪ’dɑ̃’ni), was the wife of Orran’sulani and second to her husband in the pantheon. She is credited with bringing life to Aserra, creating every plant and creature, and humanity itself. Before the War of the Gods she was the sole goddess to humanity, viewed as not only a mother to the seven elemental gods, but to the world itself. She was the very embodiment of fertility. After the death of her husband at the hands of her youngest daughter, Ispa, Nydoini could not take the grief of Orran’sulani’s death, or of what her daughter had become. She sacrificed herself to Idraen, allowing her son to absorb her soul, giving him her memories and power so that he could stand against Ispa. After her death, humanity lost their goddess, but soon found guidance from her grandchildren, the third generation gods.

Nydoini’s companion dragon was Umossa, whom was mated to Orran’sulani’s dragon, Asharisan. She is mother to Zelan, Maris, Brecha, Alaezo, Entra, Idraen, and Ispa.

Nydoini was a stark contrast to her husband. Where he was pale, she was dark. Where he was thin, she was shapely. Somewhat shorter than Orran’sulani, she had an hourglass figure, suiting her maternal position. Her skin was dark and warm-hued, with a lustrous mane of black curls and dark red-brown eyes. She had six wings, plumed in white with red pinions. Her style of clothing was rather similar to Orran’sulani’s, but she preferred brilliant reds, oranges, and yellows.