Nymphs are a type of fae that appear as beautiful young human women. They inhabit the Maze of Dreams and have a profound love of natural spaces. Nafod races are mortal incarnations of Nymphs. They are known for their use of lures and shape-shifting to maintain their privacy.

There are several types of Nymphs, most notably the Dryad and Nereid.

Nymphs appear as incredibly beautiful women--and only women. A nymph’s glamers are less effective than other fae, but due to their alarming beauty and human stature, they don’t need as much glamer as other fae to maintain an air of normalcy. Their eyes, bewitching and wild, are their greatest lure, summoning young men (and sometimes women) to them. Despite their smoldering sexual good looks, Nymphs seek others they find attractive not for sex, but merely for love and companionship, even if only fleeting. They have been known to shape-shift into trees, shrubbery, and even animals to escape those they find repulsive.

Nymphs utilize some small glamers, such as misdirection, to ward off people from finding their homes. Some, although very few, have gained unimaginable insight into mortal affairs that they become akin to sages wandering the wilds, learning what they will. Their lure spell, regardless of their bewitching beauty and eyes, is the production of pheromones, targeting specifically people they would find intriguing or attractive. A Nymph can recall these pheromones at a moment’s notice to avoid letting someone ever see them again, once they have let them see them once.

There are a few different sub-races of Nymph as well. The main Nymph race can be reincarnated into the mortal Ochae’nafod. Unlike the elemental spirits, Nymphs are fully reincarnated as Ochae’nafod, either after accidental deaths, or by willingly abandoning their bodies to experience a new life. Many of the Nymphs who chose to abandon their true bodies are consistently reincarnated in Ochae’nafod life after life.


Dryads are tree nymphs. They are tied to deciduous trees in the material plane, they exist slipping between the Material Plane and Maze of Dreams. Their abilities are akin to their Nymph cousins, but their focus on shape-shifting is merging with their bound tree to hide. In the same manner as Nymphs, Dryads reincarnate into Dra’nafod, which are practically a mortal version of their race.


Naiad are water Nymphs that inhabit bodies of fresh water in Aserra. They share allegiance with Maris and Entra, moving between the Deep Ocean of Welis, Maze of Dreams, and Material Plane where they are bound to specific bodies of water. They are encountered near streams, rivers, ponds, and lakes. They do not incarnate into any Nafod races.


Nereid are water Nymphs that inhabit oceans and seas of Aserra. They share an allegiance with Maris and Entra, moving between the Deep Ocean of Welis, Maze of Dreams, and Material Plane where they are bound to certain regions of the ocean, appearing on shores and islands to lure potential companions. Nereid provide the souls of Marfod in the same manner as Nymphs and Dryads.