The Fae are spirits of nature and exist in many forms. They live under the rule of Entra, the Goddess of Life, and their own councils of each race. The home of most fae is the Maze of Dreams, but many make homes in the planes adjacent to the Material Plane and can both manifest and influence the material plane. Some types of fae congregate in specific regions and are only known there, but they may also follow people of a familiar ethnic group to new places as they migrate.

Influence on the Material World

Most fae have a vested interest in maintaining natural areas and can be defensive of destructive incursion. Humans have long seen fae manifesting in their world as they tend to the natural world, and the relationship between humans and fae is complicated. On the one hand, many fae are outright disdainful of humans for their destructive tendencies, but on the other hand, fae also act as a conduit between humans and their environment.

The elemental races are often better regarded by the fae, even those that actively dislike humans. Most of the elemental races tend to live harmoniously in their environments, which pleases the fae. Nafod races and Fayl'Idayn are considered kin to the fae.

Among the races of fae, some are of a single gender. While most fae are functionally immortal, they still reproduce. Female-only fae races, such as faeries and nymphs, can bear children sired by mortals or other fae. Fairies in particular are guilty of this, and they are known to switch their shape-shifting babies (Changelings) with human babies.

The higher fae, like elves and nymphs, gradually retreated from the mortal world after the elemental races established themselves.


The fae possess a unique form of magic that draws from their own spiritual power. Fae Magic can be learned by humans and other mortals who have built a relationship of trust with the local fae. Certain spells in witchcraft borrow from fae magic. Fayl'Idayn are naturally inclined to fae magic.

Fae magic is mostly illusion, employing lures, glamers, and shape-shifting. Not all fae use all techniques and there is no concrete school that unites all fae magic. For example, faeries rely primarily on glamers while nymphs are superior shape-shifters. Their magic can be used to ensnare, entertain, or escape--it depends on the need and the fae.

No fae can tolerate the touch of pure iron, as it causes excruciating pain and can be used to kill them. This is the reason why faeries steal human children and replace them with changelings, to study the effects of iron in the blood of humans. As iron is an inhibitor of magical energies, they hope to overcome this weakness with knowing how the human baby can live with iron in the blood and still control the fairy magics taught to it as it grows.

High Fae

The "high fae" are the more powerful beings that are near angels and demons in power. Most of these fae appear especially human-like.


Elves are a society of fae known for their exceptional beauty. They look similar to the Idayn, which has led to a linguistic confusion among some human languages that call Idayn and their related races "elves." The most notable difference is that elves have pointed ears, rather than the long, tapered ears of the mortal elemental races. In earlier ages, elves were active messengers between the gods and different realms, but have since retreated to the Maze of Dreams in the modern era.


Nymphs are a female-only race of fae that appear as beautiful women, indistinguishable from humans except for their enchanting beauty. However, they tend to be wary of humans (specifically men) and shape-shift as a means to escape. There are several types of nymphs who prefer specific environments and different shape-shifting techniques. Like the elves, they rarely appear in Aserra and remain in the Maze of Dreams, but they are also reincarnated as Nafod.

Common Fae

The common races of fae are the most populous and wide-spread. They still frequently interact with the material world as they tend to natural spaces.


Faeries are nature spirits with a disdain for humans--though with respect and offerings, they can be won over. The majority of fae encounters are with fairies. Their true form are as small, green, winged women but they use illusions to appear as human or other beings.


Pixies are a race similar to fairies, but their true forms lack wings. They also are much more amicable and curious, making them more ready to befriend humans.

Assorted Other Fae

There are many, many kinds of fae, some of which we haven’t included. A sampling of fae is included below;

  • Boggart – (aka Bogart, Boggle, Bogle, etc.) Boggarts are household fae that pester humans from time to time. They cause things to disappear, milk to sour, and disturb sleep. They may follow families even if they move to a new home. An exorcism and warding will remove a boggart from a home.
  • Brownie – Brownies are household fae that are rather the opposite of Boggarts. Instead of troubling the families whose homes they reside in, they assist in household tasks, sometimes taking to cleaning and tidying up the home, but only at night, when they can’t be seen. If a family believes they have a brownie, they often leave it gifts of food (preferably porridge and honey) out to reward it.
  • Dwarf – A race of fae closely related to elves, dwarves are a short race standing around three to four feet tall with big heads and beards, sometimes noted to be deformed. They are known as master craftsmen and are aligned with the earth element, sharing residence between the Maze of Dreams and Rock Kingdom of Enos. They have little interactions with humans, but bear a close resemblance to the Brech’mar though the Brech’mar take the souls of gnomes.
  • Faun – Fauns are a pleasant nature spirit. They are of child height, standing on the haunches of a goat, with the features of an adult man and a pair of small horns on their brows. They enjoy parties and are known for playing the pipes.
  • Goblin – Goblins are mischievous, even malicious fae that pester humans from time to time. They are known to be small and ugly. They lurk around the Maze of Dreams and Rock Kingdom of Enos, but sometimes drift into Malbolge when they are of a darker character than their peers.
  • Leprechaun – A fae which takes the form of an old bearded man, often wearing a red or green coat. They are known to spend much of their time making shoes and horde away gold. If ever caught by a human, a leprechaun has the power to grant three wishes in exchange for their release.
  • Satyr – A nature spirit. They appear as middle-aged men with dark hair and receding hairlines, long beards, large pointed and almost horse-like ears, and horse tails. They are known for high libidos and lust for Nymphs, which they obsess over by can never obtain.