Sidye (sɪdi:) is the God of Ambition and Adversity. He is the son of Sai'ras and the Demon Lord of Invidia, Memurael. He is the god of those seeking advancement in society or career. He can be called upon to inflict misfortune and suffering upon those who stand in the way of a more ambitious individual, if the sacrifice is right.

Sidye is one of the five newer dark gods born between Craeseth, Sai'ras and the Demon Lords. In the aftermath of the War of the Gods, Ispa was forbidden to bear more children. Sai'ras continued her mother's endeavor to both expand their pantheon and bind the rest of the demon clans to their family by bearing three children to the remaining three male demon lords.


Sidye is presented as a slender, unassuming looking young man, almost androgynous. Danaij often portray him with ink black skin and white hair, while humans present him as bronze-skinned with black hair, but both give him fully black eyes (sclera included) with gold irises. He is often clad tastefully in fine, but discrete robes. He has two black bat-like wings.