Craeseth (kreɪ.seð) is the God of War and was the first born of his siblings, the Dark Gods. He was fathered by Alaezo when Ispa took advantage of her brother’s affection for her. Craeseth matured rapidly for his mother's needs and was the commander of her legions in the War of the Gods.

As the God of War, he is fierce and aggressive, worshiped amongst Forsaken Landers who crave conflict. He has three peoples devout to him; the Danaij’vai, a larger, more powerful sub-race of his mother’s Danaij people whom he was allowed to manipulate at the beginning of the War of the Gods.

The Forsaken Land Asath, a splinter-group of Asath that managed to survive the Cataclysm that befell Ageond and survive on the shores of the Forsaken Land are a second people devoted to Craeseth. During the War of the Gods, Asath on Ageond, along with all the other races that inhabited the continent, were forced to decide between the Dark Gods and their original gods. As the son of the God of Fire, Craeseth welcomed converted Asath under his auspices and made it possible for them to continue the use of Fire Elementalism despite their shift to darkness.

The third group are the Craetian Vampires. After his sister Yoma abandoned Darkness, she also abandoned the vampires, the race their mother charged her to create. Craeseth and his four other siblings were instructed to split the remaining vampires amongst themselves and create four distinct clans.


Craeseth is a tall, broad-shouldered and well-muscled man. His black hair is kept short and swept back; his skin is bronzed and his eyes red. His ears are merely pointed, and he has a pair of black plumed wings on his back. In representations of him he is often wearing full plate armor of pure black with red and gold accents.


At his mother's behest, Craeseth fathered two children with the two female Demon Lords, Ohadibael and Harsitiel. With Ohadibael, he fathered Orthin, the God of Fury and Vengeance. With Harsitiel, he fathered Avana, the Goddess of Nobility and Beauty.