Dark Gods

The Dark Gods include Ispa, the elemental Goddess of Darkness and her children. These gods are primarily worshiped by the inhabitants of the Forsaken Land. Outside of the Forsaken Land, worship of these beings is often done in secret.

The Shuri caste in Danaij society maintain temples and guide worship, tributes, and rituals. This caste is a combination of mages and clerics, as they seek to hone their Dark Elementalism to the highest caliber and acquire the most talented elementalists in their order.

Ispa and her Children

Ispa is the goddess responsible for the Danaij and is at the head of this pantheon. She is not only the patron goddess of the entire race, but specifically honored by the the Vana castes as they maintain pure Danaij ancestry.


Ispa's first born son, sired by her brother Alaezo, is Craeseth. He is the God of War, favoring strength, brutality, and also highly favored in the forge. Craeseth has several groups of devotees in the Forsaken Land. The Danaij'vai, an enhanced off-shoot of the primary Danaij race were Craeseth's alteration on his mother's creation. He also adopted the Asath that had turned to the Dark Gods during the War of the Gods, as they were abandoned by his father.

When his sister Yoma stepped away from the family's crusade, Craeseth, along with his other siblings, accepted a portion of the vampires that Yoma had created. The Craetian vampires, as servants of the God of War, took on traits to suitable for that cause in their transformation.

The Shan caste in Danaij society regard Craeseth as their patron god, though some houses with a preference for subterfuge may instead honor other gods.


The Goddess of Chaos, Sai’ras, was sired by Zelan, the God of Air. In the Forsaken Land her realm is fervor, subterfuge, intellect, and madness. However, even the Danaij are wary of Sai’ras and most rituals involving her are attempts at placating her, though some invite her madness against their enemies.

Her devotees are limited. She has the Sairian vampires. Some Shan houses with a leaning toward subterfuge prefer claiming Sai’ras as their patron god.


The half-divine, half-demon Goddess of Lust, Suldra, was sired by the Demon Lord of Lust Arael. In much of the world, her realm is considered sinful overindulgence, but in the Forsaken Land, she takes many expanded roles. Primarily, her realm is sexual desire, passion, lustful indulgence, but she has also accepted the mantle of a fertility goddess, both for fecundity in the bearing of children and in agriculture.

Suldra has devotees throughout the Forsaken Land, and she is one of the most popular gods. Her expanded role has given her a large following amongst agrarian Rothet, but all Danaij leave her offerings and prayers for personal fertility and the birth of healthy children. Amongst the vampires, she is the patron goddess of the seductive Suldrians.


Belas, the God of Corruption, is the son of Ispa and the Demon Lord of Greed, Asuderon. His realm has largely turned toward the acquisition of wealth and resources, echoing his demon father's nature, but politics are also one of his arenas. He is a god turned to during political shifts and house warfare.

Belas is also the patron god of the Chau merchant caste, and those who aspire to enter their ranks. He has the charge of the Belalian vampires as well.