Yoma (joʊ.mɑ:) is the Goddess of Death and the third born to Ispa. She was fathered by Idraen without his consent. Her touch is deadly to mortals, and her mother intended to have her help in the slaughter of her enemies. Yoma was also charged with the creation of the vampires, not so much a race, but an affliction of undeath that allowed for intelligent and powerful undead beings that could turn their victims into their own kind.

However, Yoma did not agree with her mother’s goals. She was reluctant to involve herself in the War of the Gods and she gradually extricated herself from the endeavor before completely abandoning the darkness. Idraen accepted Yoma and charged her with attending to the souls of the dead. In this endeavor, she was given command over Reapers, a race of spirits which would do her bidding in harvesting the souls of the dead. Despite Yoma’s dark beginnings, she was embraced by all peoples of Aserra and is prayed to by both followers of Light and Dark to guide lost souls to the afterlife. Yoma spends her time drifting between Zephaer, Malbolge, and the Ethereal plane, always in search of souls that need her.


Yoma is a tall, willowy woman; beautiful but always sad and distant. Her hair is a pale, lifeless green, grown long with lank waves. Her skin is as pale and ashen as the dead. The only sign of life to her appearance are her brilliant green eyes. She has pointed ears, unlike both her parents. Upon her back are a pair of gray plumed wings. Originally black, they faded after she abandoned the darkness.