The Cataclysm is the name for the series of seismic and climatic events following the War of the Gods that threw Aserra's systems into chaos. Much of the confrontation between the gods themselves occurred in the plane of Zephaer as Ispa laid siege to the City of the Gods. However, when the tide turned in the favor of her siblings, Ispa was cast out of Zephaer into the transitional Aetheric Plane plane. The battles between the gods on that plane echoed in the Prime Material Plane.

Maris' Chasm and Ispa's Sepulcher

A final blow from Maris hammered Ispa down hard enough to rend a rift through North Thiskel in the Material Plane and drive up a new mountain range at the end where Ispa finally came to a rest. Today, this rift is known as Maris' Chasm and the mountains as Ispa's Sepulcher.

The immediate effect of the rift caused a massive earthquake that rippled across the hemisphere. Brecha fought to dampen the effects of this event in the moments after the event, but there were still devastating consequences.