Sigurga (sɪ.gʊəʳgɑ:) is the God of Feasts and Wine. He is the son of Sai'ras and the Demon Lord of Gula, Nazularuet. Sigurga is god of indulgence, much like Bacchus of Greek myth, and invoked in celebrations, festivals, orgies, and banquets in the Forsaken Land.

Sidye is one of the five newer dark gods born between Craeseth, Sai'ras and the Demon Lords. In the aftermath of the War of the Gods, Ispa was forbidden to bear more children. Sai'ras continued her mother's endeavor to both expand their pantheon and bind the rest of the demon clans to their family by bearing three children to the remaining three male demon lords.


Sigurga's portrayal tends to vary between Danaij and human sources. Amongst the Danaij, he is often seen as an attractive man with a broad, muscular frame while humans portray him as plump and well-fed. Likewise, Danaij representations make him appear more Danaij with black skin, long white hair, and red eyes. Humans give him tanned skin, shaggy black hair, and dark eyes. In both versions, Sigurga has curled ram's horns, short tapered ears, and is often reclining in loose robes while holding a goblet of wine.