The Ardir

The Ardir Forest

A large forested region laying south of the human nation of Kosony in north Kalesten and north of the Ertian Plateau. The Ardir is primarily home to the Fayl'Idayn, descendants of Idayn settlers who spread across Aserra.


Fayl'Idayn are the most well-known and populous race of the Ardir. Their arboreal villages are spread throughout the forest, but their "capital" would be the city of Thraenlor, also known as the "Heart of the Ardir". The Fayl'Idayn are primarily descended of Idayn settlers, but they have a broad blended heritage which often includes Nafod and human blood.

Ochae'nafod and Dra'nafod make up the rest of the population of the Ardir, aside from a few errant humans in witch covens or in relationships with natives. The Ardir's Ochae'nafod tribes include the Didelphi, Erethi, Vulpes, Procyon, Mephitis, Axidae, Melea, Odoco, Lupus, Ursus, and Puma tribes, with between 5-10 clans spread throughout the forest. Near the river and significant water sources the Lontra, Castor, and Ardea tribes can be found as well. In addition to these tribes, the northfaces of the Ertian plateau's mountains are home to the Aquila and Ovidal tribes.

Kuzo can occasionally be found in the Ardir, but they are subject to extermination if found by the Fayl'Idayn or their allies.