The Dollmaster

Six people are drawn together by a wedding-turned-rescue after the bride is kidnapped by a sorcerer-suitor. Not only must they rescue the bride-to-be, but uncover a series of disappearances throughout the nation of Kosony.

Main Characters

Naclia L'Iloysia, a brazen Fayl'Idayn youth from the Ardir who, along with her brother, are on traditional coming-of-age journey. Naclia, however, has been keeping a secret about a previous human encounter.

Terin L'Iloysia, Naclia's more level-headed and cautious elder brother who postponed his journey in order to travel with his sister.

Talen Drecloud, a knight of Kosony who has struggled to maintain the ideal of a Knight of Kosony and future Baron. He is due to wed the Lady Adra Kyrden.

Thalia is a Priestess of Erada who is tasked with officiating the wedding, but ends up lending her services to saving the bride.

Pharen Greywords is an errant witch who tags along to the wedding with Thalia and finds himself unable to walk away from the incident.

Avion Ravenstorm is a half-Brech'mar, half-human youth from the village Talen's family controls. While leaving on his own personal mission, he becomes entangled in the rescue party.

Supporting Characters

Laban, a Kosonian merchant at the head of a caravan who takes in Naclia and Terin soon after their arrival in Kosony. A love interest for Naclia.

Rayina, a martial artist adopted into Laban's family, originally from South Thiskel. She is Laban's dearest friend, practically his sister, and his personal aide and bodyguard. A love interest for Terin.

Voris Cyine, a son of a Kosonian noble family whose health made him inable to serve as a knight to his father's disappointment. Instead, he was tutored in sorcery by Skarkala. In his attempts to appease his family, he has been seeking a bride of an appropriate station with no success. Instead, he has taken to kidnapping girls he likes.

Adra Kyrden, Talen's betrothed.

Chera Greanmor, one of Voris's first victims, kidnapped along with her friend and lover, Avaline Evanoak.