Vagabonds follows a diverse band of adventurers on their meandering journeys across Aserra as they solve problems while finding themselves. Their stories unite on a ship bound for Ertia from the port of Siol.

Season One: Voyage to Ertia

In the port city of Siol, mercenaries Zaole and Breagan North are hired to watch over Maryn, a Samonight girl escaping an arranged marriage. Meanwhile, wandering Zaedyn Zharis has decided to continue his decades long adventuring by booking passage to Ertia. Lianora, an errant priestess of Erada is pursuing a dubious quest that she believes is from her goddess. A uniquely intelligent kuzo, Gurt, is on the run from his clan and expects that would never pursue him across the sea. Asath and former gladiator slave, Rissya, is seeking her homeland after being taken as a baby and sold into slavery. These seven lives intersect an unassuming journey across the sea to an exotic land none have seen, only to have their journey become far more perilous than expected.


Season Two: Scourge of Thervordel

After being harried and attacked by a privateer's ship, Khavi's Pride must stop at the island of Thervordel for repairs. However, the island is being overrun by ravenous creatures. The adventurers are joined by local hunters, Sifalla and Diandran, as they try to discover the origins of the chimeric monsters.

Season Three: Shiz

Their extended voyage finally comes to an end when Khavi's Pride arrives in Shiz, the capital of the nation of Ertia.