Saeven (seɪ.ven) is the God of Peace and direct opposite of Craeseth, the God of War. He is the son of Entra and Idraen. After the War of the Gods, Idraen felt the need to counter Ispa’s children’s influence on the world by conceiving of new gods. Saeven and Acoassa were the two children born of this endeavor.

There are two schools of thought that follow Saeven; the monks of the Temple of Serenity who believe in total pacifism, and the Peacekeepers who believe that from time to time, one must fight to maintain peace. They preach diplomacy before battle, and when war must be fought, it must be done so honorably.


Saeven is a tall man with a lean, athletic body. Like his father, he is very fair with pale skin, white hair, and gray eyes. His hair is cut short (Caesar cut), revealing his slightly elongated pointed ears. Upon his back are a pair of white wings.