Sulan System

Aserra is a moderately sized planet in a single sun system known as Sulan. There are seven planets in the Sulan solar system; Verar, Aserra, Seret, Nysen, Enroth, Denbana, and Ler’gar, from the sun outward, respectively. The Sulan star is similar in size and light/heat output to our Sol star.


The name Sulan is derived from the Father-God of Aserra, Orran’sulani.


Verar, the first planet in the system is a small rocky terrestrial planet that lacks atmosphere and satellites, much like Mercury in the Sol system. Verar's orbit is wider than Mercury's and a little closer than Venus in relation to the star. At certain times of the year, it can be spotted crossing Aserra’s skies as a yellow light.

Seret, the third planet following Aserra, falls within the habitable zone and has a proto-biosphere. It appears as a pale green light in Aserra’s sky at certain times of the year.

Nysen, the fourth planet, is a moderately large terrestrial planet that acts as a barrier to the interior planets and is frequently pummeled by asteroids. It lays a little beyond the habitable zone and due to its habit of catching asteroids, it has no atmosphere or any life. It appears as a small yellow light across Aserra’s skies at certain times of the year.

Enroth is the fifth planet, and one of the three gas giants in the system. Around the same size as Saturn, and is yellow-orange in color. The sixth planet, Denbana, is larger than Enroth, and appears reddish-pink. Ler’gar, the seventh planet, is around the same size as Denbana and is blue.