Desert of Black Sands

The Desert of Black Sands is a sandy, barren wasteland at the center of the Forsaken Land. After most of the continent of Ageond was sunk at the end of the War of the Gods, the land that was left was ravaged by the ensuing Cataclysm. This basin filled with lava that hardened into black volcanic glass that was eroded by oceanic, climate, and seismic events into a desert of black sand so sterile that very little could grow.

Gradually, the desert retreated as the world recovered, but it still occupies a large percentage of the land.

This desert is not a hot desert as the perpetual cloud cover over the Forsaken Land prevents sun to penetrate. It is cold and arid, rarely receiving rain that instead falls on the mountainous and coastal regions.


The Desert of Black Sands is home to Asath who were adopted by the god Craeseth, as well as tribes of his Danaij'vai. Very few humans make a living out here, most keeping to the eastern coasts