Magic is the means through which the world can be influenced by the manipulation of forms of energies. Most forms of magic can be learned by any individual possessing of the intellect and interest, though a few forms are limited by natural talent. However, magic is often regarded with fear and apprehension by the majority of Aserrans, as it can be dangerous in the wrong hands—be it due to malicious intent born of egotism or simple under-education in its use. A give and take is required for the use of magic, a sacrifice of energy in exchange for the desired effect, and depending on the source of this energy, it can be taxing on the wielder.

Magic Energies

The energy used in magic can come from several sources, and forms of magic are divided based on the energy they utilize. Most magic utilizes the regenerating energy present within an individual's soul; others rely on psychic focus from the mind; then there is the subtle life-energy of ki or prana; and then there is the most powerful magic fuel--the universal energy of mana.

Mana Based

Mana based magic uses the natural energy of the world to fuel spells. Using this energy exhausts the caster the least, but can cause imbalance in the natural world, making flora and fauna wither as their life is sucked away.

Sorcery is the only form of mana-based magic.

Soul Based

This magic takes energy directly from the caster’s expendable spiritual energy from their soul to fuel their spells. This is the most personally dangerous form of energy to use because it takes longer to replenish the energy spent.

Major Systems

Minor Systems and Oddities

Psychic Based

Psychic talents and magics uses mental focus to bring about the desired effects from spells and special abilities. This is the most difficult to use, especially in hectic or combat situations, due to the intense focus needed to utilize it. Most psychic abilities come from natural born talents, but some can be learned.

Benefaction Systems

Benefaction systems of magic rely on a connection to higher beings (spirits or gods) and channels the power of that being through the mage. Some magic can be performed through the spiritual power of the caster as well, but the greatest aspects depend on the entities whose power they channel.

Psychic Abilities

Psychic abilities are a collection of talents that arise from within the mind, sometimes blurring the line between magic and talent. Most of these abilities are inherited, or come naturally to only a select few individuals through either random chance or mental disposition. Although these abilities are usually hereditary and the stronger aspects are indeed due to natural talent, any individual with enough will and drive to learn how to do it—and get past the cultural hang-ups and superstitions therein—can learn these abilities.

These abilities can be found in most races, but they are most common in the more intelligent races. Among the elemental races, individuals may have leanings toward certain abilities to which their element is conducive.

Ki/Prana Based

Ki, as it is known in Thiskel, and Prana as it is known in Ertia is another life-force energy but it is more subtle than mana. Ki/prana is manipulated to produce desired effects, primarily in the body. Mastery of this energy takes deep introspection and mastery over one's own body as well, so it can take a lifetime of study to reach full potential. Martial artists use ki or prana to enhance their body and combat techniques. Healers use it to redirect internal energies for the mental and physical well-being of their patients.