Spirits are a broad category of beings that covers basically anything that exists beyond the Prime Material Plane and lacks a corporeal presence (of their own) on the material plane.. This not only includes ghosts of the dead that most people may be familiar with when they hear the world “spirit”, but it also includes fae, elementals, angels, demons, and even the presence of gods can be be perceived as spirits by those on the material plane.

On the higher planes of Aserra, there are numerous spirits that are ranked below angels and demons, and are living immortal beings. This includes the elemental spirits, which exist in, and control the elements of nature such as Air, Water, Earth, Fire, and others. These are ruled over by the seven elemental gods, with the exception of Entra, who rules over the Fae, a vast category of nature spirits from elves and fairies to satyrs and leprechauns. Each of the main elements has it’s own plane, including the Fae, which inhabit the Maze of Dreams.

Aside from ghosts, other spirits all have tangible bodies on higher planes, as well as a soul. They are not subject to the same reincarnation cycles as mortals, upon the death of their body, they may be reincarnated into any newly conceived being of equal spiritual power. Despite similarities between the spirits and humans, they can be quite fantastical and very different, even improbably different.

Divine Spirits

The divine spirits are some of the most powerful entities beyond gods and dragons and serve purposes in the divine hierarchy.


Angels inhabit in Zephaer but also travel interplanarly on divine business. Angels serve the Divine King, Idraen, above all others. In Zephaer, they make up the majority of the population. They handle the reincarnation queue, the weighing of souls, and serve as a council to support Idraen’s decisions for both divine and mortal matters.


Demons are a race of entities that inhabit Malbolge, serving under the goddess Ispa and her children. They are the antithesis of angels, but mirror the same social structure, being broken into seven groups based on seven major sins and led by a demon lord or arch devil. Though unlike angels, demons are no so concerned with serving the gods, usually they are left to their own devices and run their society as they wish in Malbolge. Some demons are employed in administering punishment to the souls toiling in Malbolge, however.


Reapers are higher spirits that serve Yoma, the Goddess of Death. Created between her and her father, Idraen, the duty of reapers is to collect souls of the dead and usher them to the afterlife. There are only several hundred reapers in Aserra, which leaves them spread thin so that they cannot be responsible for every single soul that passes in Aserra.