Aserra's gods are metaphysical beings of great powers and knowledge that exist on the higher planes of Aserra and take interest in the affairs of mortals. The major gods of the world are divided into three primary generations, the first being The Mother and Father, the second being their children, and the third being their children's children. A fourth generation is populated by demigods and less powerful descendants of the second and third generation.

The form of most gods is essentially human-like, but graced with two to six wings on their backs that signify power as they are repositories for spiritual energy. However, they can manifest in any way they can imagine or conjure in the material world through the process of transubstantiation, or through illusions, visions, dreams, or other psychic medium.

Types of Gods

Divinity comes in many different forms and different kinds of power.

The Divine Family

The Divine Family was founded by the gods Orran’sulani and Nydoini. Together, they bore seven children, known as the Second Generation Gods or the Elemental Gods. The Elemental Gods are responsible for the elemental races. Amongst themselves, they bore numerous offspring known as the Third Generation Gods, which are predominantly worshipped by humans. There are yet more descendants, but each generation is less powerful than the previous.


Dragons, especially the elder dragons that exist on higher planes alongside the gods, are powerful beings in their own right, though their physical counterparts lose much their power in the material world. Some mortal dragons on Aserra, such as Kaius are worshiped much like gods, or at least in place of gods.

Ascended Gods

There is the possibility of ascension for mortals. A process either granted as a boon by a god, or obtained by advanced spiritual development through ascetic dedication, though both are incredibly rare. Ascended gods include The Fates, some known and some unknown lesser deities. Most ascended gods are on equal footing with angels or demons.

Feral Gods

Feral gods can also make an appearance in Aserra. These gods come from elsewhere in the universe, though typically are weaker than Orran’sulani or Nydoini, on par with their children or grandchildren. Powerful demons and spirits can also rival the lesser gods and enjoy the benefits of the worship of mortals.

Spirit Beings

Less powerful than most gods, but still powerful compared to mortal peoples, are a number of beings that exist on higher planes. This includes demons, angels, reapers, higher fae, higher elemental spirits, and certain guardian spirits. Many of these beings serve more powerful gods, while others are more or less independent. In some cases, these beings may be worshiped in cults or animistic religions.