There is more to Aserra that what can be seen. Gods, angels, demons, and spirits of all kinds exist on higher and lower planes than what is tangible on Aserra itself. While these entities can sometimes cross planes and influence Aserra, they still live in a separate layer of reality. The elements and materials that make up the world of Aserra cannot transfer planes, but energy can and physical bodies can be possessed or created with materials from the material plane.

Prime Material Plane

The central plane of existence, the tangible world upon which the peoples of Aserra reside. The Gods and other higher beings are intangible in this plane as they cannot cross their physical bodies into the Prime Material plane. However, they can overcome this by either possessing spirit mediums or clerics, but most effectively, and for long term purposes, they can create bodies from the elements of the Prime Material plane that will allow them to walk amongst the Aserrans.

Astral Plane

The Astral Plane is a sub-plane which connects the other planes and allows travel between them. Nothing lives here, but many beings may pass through. Aserrans may travel through the Astral Plane by creating a psychic projection of themselves. This happens for many people, often when sleeping, though few remember their astral adventures. Individuals with a trained mind may consciously project themselves onto this plane and travel to any place they want to go. The Astral Plane appears as a ghostly copy of the real world, or a veil over the world, and paths that lead to other places can be found by those who seek them.

Ethereal Plane

The Ethereal Plane is a parallel plane to Aserra where the souls of the departed live alongside their human counterparts. The aether is where all those who disbelieve in an afterlife, or those who are too worldly bound by worries, grief, or anger to move on peaceably go. If the resentments or binding chains of the dead are too great, they can return to Aserra in the form of undead, a phenomena that appears all too readily when the dead on battlefields is overwhelming. Much like the Astral plane, the Ethereal plane is like a veil over the Prime Material Plane, only much thinner. Spirits can affect the material plane by moving objects or people if they exert enough energy.

Zephaer, City of the Gods

Zephaer is the home of the gods, the plane of Light, and the seat of divine power—an equivalent of “Heaven”. Zephaer is a massive mountain of a city, rising up in seven enormous terraced levels out of a sea of clouds. The city is lushly gardened in all manner of vibrant and beautiful flora. Zephaer’s top level is a marble palace that is home to the gods and angels. The second level serves as a “plane of light,” or a home for the light elementals, and afterlife for Idayn souls between incarnations. The second level appears to be a moat of golden light, warm and inviting.

The third through seventh levels are places of rest for the souls of humans and other races as they await reincarnation. Souls closest to reincarnation are at the third level, while the newest arrivals inhabit the seventh. Nearly all souls must first pass through Malbolge for Karmic balance before they can proceed to Zephaer to be prepared for reincarnation.

Seven Infernal Chambers of Malbolge

Mimicking Zephaer, Malbolge is a seven-leveled pit of despair that is home to Ispa and her children. Like an inverse of Zephaer, the first level where the dark gods and higher demons reside is the bottom of the pit. The second level of Malbolge, a ring one level above the pit, is a mass of absolute darkness, serving as a “plane of darkness” where Shades reside, and where Danaij souls go to await reincarnation.

The third through seventh layers are where souls of humans and other races are punished for Karmic debt. These souls toil in labor and punishment until their Karma is balanced, at which point they can move up to Zephaer to await reincarnation. The seventh level is home to those with the least negative Karma; either those who have died with slightly negative Karma, or those who have nearly finished their toil. These individuals are the next in line to move onto Zephaer. Those from the sixth level down have higher debts to be repaid, and those at the third level are the most vile, accursed souls of men that have the greatest amounts of negative Karma.

Maze of Dreams

The Maze of Dreams is Entra’s realm, the world of the many races of Fae, and the entrance to the world of dreams. Elves, faeries, nymphs, satyrs, fauns, pixies, and many other kinds of Fae call the Maze home. The Maze of Dreams is a combination of a lush temperate garden and forest. As its name suggests, it is easy to get lost in. Paths through the gardens and forests make a suitable maze, and visitors risk being led off course by any trickster Fae that find them unworthy of their realm.

Aserra’s dreamworld—a loose ‘realm’ in which the dreams of mortals can be reached—is protected by the Maze. Luma, a daughter of Entra, oversees the protection of the portals to the dreams to keep mischievous spirits and Dreamwalkers from intruding on the dreams of others.

Whispering Heavens of D’neiw

The elemental plane of Air, the element ruled over by Zelan, is the Whispering Heavens of D’neiw. The God of Air calls this realm home, as do the Sylph spirits. This is also the interim afterlife for Zaedyn. The Heavens appear to be the tops of cloud-covered mountains, with clear blue sky and white, fluffy clouds. Zelan’s modest marble palace sits atop a mountain, wrapped in hazy wisps of clouds.

Deep Ocean of Welis

The elemental plane of Water, the element ruled over by Maris, is the Deep Ocean of Welis. The Goddess of Water lives here, as well as Undine and other spirits associated with water (such as Nereid and Naiad Nymphs). This is also the interim afterlife for Mariel and Marfod. Welis is a realm of mostly ocean, with the exception of one lush island upon which’s rocky shores Maris’ palace sits. The island has a deep lake at its heart and is covered in streams and rivers that flow into the vast ocean to provide a comfortable place for water spirits that prefer fresh water.

Rock Kingdom of Enos

The elemental plane of Earth, the element ruled over by Brecha, is the Rock Kingdom of Enos. Home to the Earth Goddess and Gnome, the Earth elementals, it is the interim afterlife for Brech’mar souls. Enos is a mostly a subterranean realm, though well-lit by skylights in the ceiling. Fertile gardens flourish under the skylights and the realm is adorned with veins of precious metals and crystals left to grow on their own. Brecha lives in a stone fortress at the heart of the realm.  

Burning Mountains of Magnal

The elemental plane of Fire, the element ruled over by Alaezo, are the Burning Mountains of Magnal. Alaezo inhabits this realm alongside Salamander spirits, the elemental spirits of Fire. Magnal is the interim afterlife for Asath. Magnal is seen as a ring of eternally erupting volcanoes sending sloughs of lava down their sides to form a lake in between them. At the center of the lake, a single island stands with the obsidian tower that Alaezo calls home.