The “other” category of races amounts to a miscellany of non-human or non-elemental races that exist in Aserra.


Vampires all originated from another race, with the majority of original vampires being Danaij. This powerful undead race came into being during the War of the Gods by Yoma’s hand, but were later abandoned by the Goddess of Death and adopted by Craeseth, Sai’ras, Suldra, and Belas who broke them into clans that embodied their dominions. They cannot sexually reproduce, instead creating more vampires by turning mortal victims.

Mortal Dragons

Soon after the world was populated, descendants of the first clutch of Asharisan and Umossa descended to Aserra permanently. These mortal dragons are long-lived, highly intelligent, and magical beings, though they are limited by mortal form in comparison to their extra-planar brethren.


The Samiss are a primitive reptilian race that were brought into being by a handful of Green Dragons inhabiting the jungles of South Kalesten with later populations migrating to the jungles of South Thiskel.


Homunculi are artificially created beings made through magical means. They can only be created by powerful and skilled sorcerers or dragons and cannot reproduce on their own.