Aserra has three satellites, the largest being the moon Nirya, which has dominion over the tides of Aserra’s oceans and is the basis for lunar calendars. The two smaller moons, Marebi and Maredi, orbit on a faster cycle and are believed to have influence over behaviors.


Nirya is a large, white, pock-marked moon, much like our own. Aserra's tides respond to Nirya's orbit, and her orbit is around 28 days.

Maredi and Marebi

The two smaller moons, almost equals in size, are believed to have influence over masculine and feminine traits. These two small moons wax and wane opposite each other, alternating every two weeks in a 16 day orbit.

The moons are named for the mythological first (human) man and woman placed into the world by Nydoini. At the end of their lives, they were honored by being placed in the sky to watch over their descendants.


Maredi is much smaller than Nirya, and slightly smaller than Marebi. The moon is rich in iron oxide, giving him a rust color and casting a faint red hue when at his height. It is believed that Maredi's influence tends to make Aserrans feel more aggressive and embodies masculine traits. Human women also tend to menstruate during Maredi's height.


Marebi is slightly larger than Maredi and is made of dark, glass-like rock. She appears blue-gray in the night sky and casts a cool bluish light when she waxes high. Aserran's believe that Marebi brings peace and calm on her nights. While women menstruate under Maredi, they ovulate under Marebi and many children are conceived when she is at her height.