Aserra is a world populated by a myriad of peoples. All races came to be by the power of the gods, though what became of them was left in their own hands. Nydoini, the Mother Goddess, created humans after Aserra was filled with life. When her children matured, they were encouraged to create their own human-like races to serve them. In time, splinter groups from some of these races defined themselves as their own race with their own unique traits. Races are broken into three groups; human races, elemental races, and what basically amounts to ‘miscellaneous’.

To relate to readers, most races are inspired by a more familiar fantasy concept such as dwarves, elves, mermaids, etc. However, Aserra races are not carbon copies of these races in other settings. Aspects of the races you are familiar with may not exist in Aserran interpretations.

Human Races

The human races were originally created by Nydoini and put into the world alongside the flora and fauna. Aside from familiar humans, two vastly different variations appeared in the Iengi of Thiskel and Kiar, originally of Ageond and later relocated to Kalesten. The kuzo are a corruption of Kiar by the dark gods. After the War of the Gods, kuzo left on the other continents became feral and spread world-wide when they were abandoned by their Danaij masters.

Elemental Races

The elemental races were specially modified from a basic form by the seven elemental gods, and incarnated with the souls of elemental spirits, which granted them the ability for control of their element in a form of magic. Each of the seven elemental gods created a race which embodied their metaphysical element. These races are incarnated with souls that are bound with an elemental spirit, lending them that spirit’s power.

There are also numerous off-shoot races, especially under the Idayn, some of which have lost their elemental connection. The uniting physical feature of all these races are the long, tapered ears that resembled Orran’sulani and his childrens’ ears.


Human races and most elemental races are capable of reproducing together and creating interracial offspring. Only Asath and Eain'Idayn are incapable of reproducing with races other than their own, due to their composite forms.

Other Races

This miscellany of races includes vampires, which are an undead corruption of other races afflicted with vampirism. Mortal dragons descended of those who descended and the Samiss, which are a wholly independent sentient species of reptilian limited to the jungles of the southern hemisphere. Homunculi are more of a possibility of magic than a reality, at least for human mages.